Noel W. Anderson

Noel W. Anderson is joining NYU’s Art and Art Professions Department as a Clinical Assistant Professor in Printmaking. Anderson holds three degrees: a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ohio Wesleyan University, a Master of Fine Arts from Indiana University in Printmaking, and a Master of Fine Arts from Yale University in Sculpture.

Clinical Assistant Professor Noel W. Anderson utilizes print-media and arts-based-research to explore and teach philosophical inquiry methodologies. Such methodologies include but are not limited to: semiological analysis, compositional analysis, discourse analysis, deconstructive analysis, and epistemological analysis. Through a range of visual research methods – printmaking, painting, performance, and lectures – Anderson primarily focuses on the function and mediation of socially constructed images on identity formation. Looking at an image’s materiality and visuality, Anderson questions the pragmatic epistemologies of identities as formed through images. Noel Anderson was recently included in the Studio Museum of Harlem’s exhibition Speaking of People: Ebony, Jet, and Contemporary Art, which included an internationally published book, as well as multiple national and international reviews. Represented by Tilton Gallery in NYC, Anderson exhibits his research both nationally and internationally through such venues as Art Basel Miami and the Armory Show.

Anderson has held appointments as a Visiting Lecturer at Vanderbilt University, and recently as a tenure-track Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati. Noel Anderson was also a recent Visiting Artist and Lecturer at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs (ENSAD) in Paris, France.