The Biophilia Hypothesis


September 17 – October 15 2016
Curated by: Suzanne Anker

Opening reception: Wednesday, September 21, 2016. 6-8pm

Location: SVA Flatiron Gallery
133/141 West 21st Street
Tel: 212.592.2145


School of Visual Arts presents “The Biophilia Hypothesis,” an exhibition of work by BFA Fine Arts students. Curated by department chair Suzanne Anker, “The Biophilia Hypothesis” is on view Saturday, September 17, through Saturday, October 15, at the SVA Flatiron Gallery, 133/141 West 21st Street, New York City.

The Biophilia Hypothesis, formulated by eminent biologist and author E.O. Wilson, reflects on the love of living forms. Why do people have pets, houseplants or gardens? What is it about life forms that are so intriguing and vital? As humankind moves into the Anthropocene, our biochemical natures and cosmological understandings require sustainable strategies. This exhibition brings together a collaborative project entitled MyoTomato* in which speculations concerning the insertion of myoglobin (protein found in animals) into a tomato is a way to sustain the environment. This art/science project was presented at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City as part of the Bio Design Challenge.

The exhibition also includes work by Steph Mantis, which explores the different forms and colors of flavor extracts; Mingyi Yan creates stunning chemical gardens reminiscent of geological formations; Darya Warner’s work speaks to microscopic worlds while Leah Xie’s flower installation is an ode to the interconnections of matter.

Curated by Suzanne Anker, this exhibition continues to interweave Science and Technology into the Fine Arts Program at SVA. Please visit the Bio Art Lab at

Participating artists Leman Akpinar, Viktorea Benois, Sebastian Cocioba, Andrew Cziraki, David Hanlon, Marguerite Li, Bo Liu, Steph Mantis, Kirin Pino, Shannon Pollak, Gina Proenza, Tarah Rhoda, Victor Taboada, Darya Warner and John Patrick Wells.




Our Biotech Future(s)

2016 exhibition biodesign poster web

Our Biotech Future(s): Student projects from the Biodesign Challenge

Opening Reception
Thursday, June 23, 2016
7-9 PM

SVA Fine Arts Building
School of Visual Arts
335 W 16th St, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10011

Please join us for the gallery opening of Our Biotech Future(s): Student Projects from the Biodesign Challenge at School of Visual Arts (SVA).

Nine art and design teams from universities across the United States showcase their visions of the future of biotechnology. Chosen from dozens of students, the finalists worked throughout the academic year with art and design professors, scientists and subject-matter experts to explore the many possible ways biotechnology could affect our environment and our lives.

Playing on the title of physicist Freeman Dyson’s seminal essay, ”Our Biotech Future,” the show presents a multiplicity of “futures,” some of which align, while others clash. Learn more about the projects at

The gallery show will run from June 23 – July 1, 2016 at SVA Fine Arts Building.

Light snacks and drinks will be provided.


Stabilimentum, University of Pennsylvania
Mónica Butler, Rebecca Van Sciver, Jiwon Woo

Float Farm, New York University
Ayaka Habu, Carter Bird, Theo Mandin-Lee

MyoTomato, School of Visual Arts

Andrew Cziraki, Victor Taboada, Darya Warner & John Wells

Mutua, Southern California Institute of Architecture
Mun Yi Cheng, Caleb Fisher, Brendan Ho, Ryan Odom, Anthony Stoffella & Xiangtia Sun

Symbiosis, Carnegie Mellon University

Stowe Hammarburg, Daniel Kim, Yooyoung Ko, Zachary Schwemler & Jessica Shen

Liver Clear, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Amanda Harrold, Kathleen McDermott, Jacob Steiner and Perrine Papillaud

Starter Culture, Maryland Institute College of Art
Gage Branda, Sarah Whelton, Jake O’Hagan, Emma Whitlock

Dewpoint, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Bailey Beatt, Maurice Hampton, Jackie Huang, Sam Scheib

Bioesters, Fashion Institute of Technology
Tessa Callaghanbe, Gian Cui, Aleksandra Gosiewski, Theanne Schiros, Asta Skocir








Soiled: iGEM International Competition


Soiled: iGEM International Competition

Curator: Suzanne Anker

SVA Chelsea Gallery
601 West 26 Street, 15th fl oor
February 27 to March 12, 2016
Reception: Thursday, March 3, 6-8 PM

Soiled i​s the School of Visual Arts’ winning project in the Art and Design track of the 2015 iGEM competition. The project consists of a speculative mobile device and a multimedia installation denoting the respective results of soil samples collected throughout the New York metropolitan area.

The 2016 Soiled exhibition will be held at the School of Visual Arts Gallery in Chelsea (NYC) to highlight the aesthetic and conceptual aspects of the project. Various parts of the jamboree installation along with reagents, consumables, prototypes, and graphics will be displayed with descriptions about the piece and statements from the student artists who took part in the competition.

Please join us for the opening reception on Thursday, March 3, 2016, from 6 to 8 PM


2015 Summer Residency
Open Studios

Bio Art Summer Residency
Open Studios

Thursday, June 18, 2015

SVA Fine Arts Building
335 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011

Free and open to the public

Members of the SVA Summer Residency Program at the Fine Arts Bio Art Lab present work that focuses on the intersection of art and science. Participating artists include JoAnn Block, Andrew Cziraki, Maria Gracia Donoso, Tal Eshed, Mara Haseltine, Mille Kalsmose-Hjelmborg, Steph Mantis, Judith Mont, Liana Nigri Moszkowicz, Martha Paola Ramos, Virginia Sperry, Grace Stokes, Ayse Suter, Victor Taboada Urtuzuastegui and Lola Young.

Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Loom / 彩虹幻象

Rainbow Loom
 / 彩虹幻象
苏珊 安克个展
10/11-11/25, 2014
V Art center / 视界艺术中心
No.50 moganshan Rd./ 莫干山路50号
building 6,floor 1 / 六号楼一层
Shanghai, China / 中国上海

10/9-10/25, 2014
33 middle sichuan Rd./ 四川中路33号
room 901/ 901室
Shanghai, China / 中国上海

Curated by: Hu Renyi / 策展人: 胡任乂
Organized by: Chao Jiaxing / 統筹人: 巢佳幸
Translation and Design: Zeng Weixi / 翻译和设计: 曾维希

Rainbow Loom, two solo exhibitions by American artist Suzanne Anker, addresses the intersections between nature’s products to those manufactured by science and industry. At V Art Center, specimens from nature are accompanied by those of synthetic origin. The installation, in accord with the color wheel and its variations of chroma, points to the wonder of life’s diversity. Tomatoes, spices, herbs, eggs and insects and other specimens are juxtaposed with steel wool, beads, and paper among various industrial products to produce small still life configurations.  Each arrangement is displayed in a petri dish, a glass apparatus commonly employed in scientific laboratory experiments. The installation is an array of 400 elements exposing the rich and luminous colors inherent in the contemporary world. The exhibition opens on October 11 and runs through November 25, 2014.

The exhibition begins at SNAP, where projected video and photographs on silk document a coral research laboratory in Florida in the USA.  Mote laboratory is a research institute experimenting on restoring coral and developing a genetic seed bank to classify these animals. Coral reefs, which create habitats for numerous plants and animals, are under siege throughout the world. These images present indoor tanks, as healing factories, for these beautiful creatures, which at a later time will be released into the wild. This exhibition opens on October 9 and runs through October 25, 2014.

Cut, Paste, Print: Transforming Reproductive Limits
October 10, 7-9pm
Minsheng Art Museum
Minsheng Video Room, Floor 2, Bldg.F No.570 West Huaihai Road
Speaker: Suzanne Anker; Guest: Hu Renyi

Where is the Art in Bio Art?

October 15, 7-9pm
Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
Gate 7, People’s Park, 231 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai
Speaker: Suzanne Anker; Guest: Hu Renyi

From the Laboratory to the Studio: Intersections of Art, Design and Technology

October 13, 10:30-11:30am (lecture); 1:30-3:30pm (workshop)
Shanghai Institute of Visual Art
2200 Wenxiang Road, Songjiang Shanghai,
Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Building 4( Yifei Building )
Speaker: Suzanne Anker; Guest: Hu Renyi


Where is the Art in Bio Art?

Where is the Art in Bio Art? Installation view

September 27 – October 18, 2014
Reception: Wednesday, October 1, 20146-8pm

SVA Flatiron Gallery 
133/141 West 21st Street
Tel: 212.592.2145

Free and open to the public
Monday through Friday 9:00am – 7:00pm,
Saturday 10:00am – 6:00pm
Closed Sunday and federal holidays.

Installation views


School of Visual Arts presents Where is the Art in Bio Art?—an exhibition of biologically-infused art that makes use of a variety of materials and media including sculpture that grows mushrooms, fluorescent bacteria paintings, and a bio-luminescent bubble machine. Also video, sculpture and other media artworks are presented. The exhibition will be on view September 27 through October 18 at the SVA Flatiron Gallery, 133/141 West 21st Street, New York City. The Opening Reception will be held on October 1st, from 6 to 8pm.

Created by BFA Fine Arts students, alumni and faculty, these works were generated in the state-of-the-art SVA Bio Art Lab, the first facility of its kind in the United States. The exhibition is curated by Suzanne Anker, chair of BFA Fine Arts and an internationally recognized Bio Art pioneer.

“Bio Art summons awareness of the political, economic and social consequences of altering life,” explains Anker. “It is supported in myriad formats, from painting and sculpture to performance art and new media installations. Artists employ biological processes such as cloning, tissue engineering and plant breeding, and incorporate plants, animals, microorganisms, sensors and soil, among other materials, into their work.”
Read full article by Suzanne Anker: The beginnings and the ends of Bio Art at Artlink

The Bio Art Lab was founded in 2011 as part of the BFA Fine Arts Department at SVA as a place where scientific tools and techniques become tools and techniques in art practice. Housing skeleton collections, specimen collections, slide collections, microscopes for photo and video, an herbarium, an aquarium and a library, the Lab is located in the heart of New York City’s Chelsea gallery district at 335 West 16th Street.