• Plant Collection
    Including foliage, carnivorous plants, moss and cacti
  • Specimen Collection
    Cleared, stained and preserved collection of various specimens
  • Skull Collection
    3 full-scale resin human skeletons, ape skeleton
  • Aquariums: Freshwater
    Community tank of fish and xenopus frogs
  • Aquariums: Saltwater
    Community tank with starfish, coral, sea snails, hermit crabs


  • 4x Proscope HR
    Bodelin PS-HR-50x Digital Proscope W/50X Lens
  • 2x Proscope Mobile
  • 4x Advanced Upright/Compound Microscope
    Motic BA310 Biological Microscope
  • Inverted Microscope
    Motic AE2000
  • 6x Stereo/Dissecting Microscope
    Motic SMZ168 Stereo Zoom Microscope
  • Wide-Field Epi-Fluorescent Microscope
    Amscope FM690TC


SVA Digital Lab
  • 4x Canon EOS 5D Mark II Cameras
  • Canon Vixia Video Camera
  • 4x Porta-Trace Light-Boxes
    16 Watt, Model #1012; Gagne, Inc.
  • ProgRes CF Scan
  • 4x Time Lapse Camera 8.0
    Wingscapes 8.0
  • Pocket Projector

Incubation & Mixing

  • 3x Incubators
    Quincy Lab General Purpose Incubator, Model 12-140
  • Vortex Mixer
    Edvotek Tornado Vortexer 5023
  • Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate
    Corning 5x7inch PC-420D
  • Shaking Incubator
    Benchmark Incu-Shaker Mini
  • Centrifuge
    Eppendorf F-45-12-11
  • Thermalcycler
    Edvotek EdvoCycler 541
  • Temp. Controlled 6-Liter Water Bath
    Bio-Rad Temp. Controlled Water Bath
  • DNA Quantitator
    Invitrogen Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer 2.0


  • Flow Hood w/ hepafilter
    Laminar Series I Flow Hood
  • Infrared Micro-sterilizer
    Benchmark B1000 BactiZapper
  • Tabletop Autoclave steam-sterilizer
  • FumeHood
    Labconco Protector Laboratory Hood


  • Temperature data logger
    Lascar El-USB-1
  • Hand-held pH meter
    RS 232 Meter
  • Triple-Beam Scale
    OHAUS 610gram capacity Triple-Beam Scale
  • Temperature controlled water bath
    Bio-Rad 166-0504
  • Digital Tare-Scale
    Carolina, 300gram capacity, Model=SLB301-US
  • Digital Kitchen Scale
    Eat-Smart Precision Pro
  • M-prove Digital Scale
    Sartorius M-Prove

Other Equipment

  • 2x Automatic Pipettes
    PipetmanKits (P20, P200, P1000)
  • Trans-Illuminator, Non-UV Lightbox for preparative applications→ DNA Capturing
    Technology EmbiTec PrepOne Sapphire
  • Gel-electro-phoresis system
    Evotek 509 EVT300
  • Laminator
    Scotch TL901, 1210019251
  • Dremel
    Model 200
  • Hand-held pH/mV/Temp/RS 232 Meter
    Eutech Instruments Oakton
  • Digital Min/Max Hygro-Thermometer
    Sunleaves Min/Max Hygro-Thermometer
  • Microwave
  • Flower press / Preservation technique equipment

*Please Note: the lab is equipped with all necessary safety wear, including: lab coats, gloves, protective goggles, hair nets, etc.