Ivan Henriques


Microscopic Chamber #1, 2013
Variable dimensions, mixed media (laser, water, mirror, aquarium, pipettes, bee wax, etc.

Millions of other living entities  surround us all the time and are vital to our well being and also for life in the natural environment. However they exist in such a mode of being that not only many of their behaviour escape human perception, but their presence all together.

Using optics techniques, a droplet of water becomes a lens magnifying this amazing biodiversity of microorganisms presented inside this water droplet when beamed by a laser pointer, creating a microscope-live-cinema installation for the audience.

This work is a step further in a research about the huge biodiversity of microorganisms which lives in water as phytoplankton,  copepods, diatoms, algae, etc, which will be used to develop the next work titled Symbiotic Machine.