NYC DNA Barcoding Project

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Workshop with Ellen D. Jorgensen, Ph. D
Free and open to all SVA students, faculty and staff.
*limited availability

Artists raise questions that scientists often fail to think about. What are the consequences of the ease with which we now can read and write the very code of life? Should we encourage open-access biotechnology?

We will explore different aspects of the interface of art and DNA-based science, including working with DNA, genomic information and genetically-engineered organisms as materials, experiencing the processes used for reading the code of life and tinkering with it to literally grow your own creations. Individual and team projects that alter and incorporate living organisms and their data will be developed and showcased at the end of the semester. Students will venture out into the city to collect samples and bring them back to the lab to process and analyze. The workshops will be an exploration in the materials and processes of Do-It-Yourself biotechnology.