FOOD: Projects in Bio-Art

Thursday 3:00-8:50
Fall semester: 3 studio credits
Instructor: Suzanne Anker

You are what you eat or are you? Do you know what is in your food? From farm to fork what happens in between? This course focuses on how food production, industrial farming, and GMO’s have become part of our daily life. Projects will consists of growing plants hydroponically, DNA analysis of local food, and microscopic imaging of foodstuffs. In addition we will explore the cultural differences, taboos and evolution of eating practices. We will look at the culinary styles around the world, their social, economic and political ramifications. We will introduce projects in urban farming and molecular cuisine as well as field trips to diverse restaurants. Part forensics, part horticulture we will gather plants to extract pigments for watercolor, and design food sculptures. We will explore the effect microorganisms have on food, from cheese to e-coli, to yogurt. Performance, painting, sculpture, public art, photography, illustration and cartooning, as well as community-based projects are welcome.