Botanica: Imaging the Green Planet

11:00AM – 2:00PM
Mar 19 – Apr 23
Location To Be Announced
1.50 CEUs, 6 Sessions

Instructor: Joseph A. DeGiorgis, PhD
BFA Fine Arts
School of Visual Arts

Plants are among the most diverse organisms on the planet, growing in arid deserts and rain forests, on mountaintops and in the savannahs, as well as in marshes, lakes, rivers and the seas. They can take on beautiful forms with vivid colors and highly evolved features. While they are often thought of as almost inert objects, they can exhibit elaborate behaviors such as opening their blossoms at dawn, tracking the sun as the earth rotates, or baiting and trapping insects as a source of food. In this course, we will capture photographic representations of these lush life forms and explore the beautiful and bizarre world of plants and take an in-depth look at the intricate composition of their sexual structures, roots, vascular tissues and the photosynthetic machinery that create these primary producers. In particular, we will use time-lapse imaging to capture their movements, macro lenses to obtain images of their details, and microscopes to image tissues and cells. The fun begins as we focus on these unrelenting worshipers of the sun.