Prometheus Unbound: An Introduction Bio Art

Wednesday 3:00-8:50
Fall semester: 3 studio credits
Instructor: Brandon Ballengée

Humans have tampered with species development for thousands of years, creating countless varieties of domesticated plants and animals. Today, advances in biotechnology allow for the creation of entirely novel life forms such as transgenic rats glowing with jellyfish genes. In this lab/studio course, students will be introduced to the emerging field of biological arts through hands-on laboratory practices, discussions and excursions. Field trips to local pet stores and seafood markets will be conducted to examine post-natural organisms. In the lab/studio, students will create a post-naturalist journal, extract DNA, paint with stained tissues, culture microbial fauna paintings, generate and disperse native seed bombs, and learn proper techniques for preserving vertebrates, among other activities. Topics of discussions will range from bio-ethics to science-fiction/biological reality, and more.